daleville christian fellowship

Vision: Replace The misplaced

Our vision is simply…… (TO REPLACE THE MISPLACED) - to seek and save the lost; to make them disciples of JESUS CHRIST, our Lord. Thus, Daleville Christian Fellowship intends to establish and support churches in order to bring the vision to fruition.

Regularly scheduled meetings for this week.

From the Music Ministry

Tuesday, December 12th        6:00 PM - Ever Ready  Choir Rehearsal

Saturday, December 16th       10:30 AM -Youth Choir Rehearsal



From the Church                                                             

Until further notice, the church will be fasting and praying from 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM every Wednesday.

Our Annual Christmas Program and Christmas Open House will be on Saturday, December 16th.  Prior to our program, we will dedicate the new wing to the fellowship hall at 2.00 PM.  We want all our members to share in this glorious occasion.  Our program will follow at 3:00 PM.

The final rehearsal for the Youth Christmas Program will be 6-7 PM on Wednesday, December 13th.  Rehearsals will be conducted in the small sanctuary, and all participants are encouraged to please be on time.

We are seeking volunteers to assist with the planning and implementation of the following church programs that will take place in January & February 2018:  Annual Peace Parade on January 27th - POC is Deacon McKinney; Family Enrichment on February 10th - POC Deacon McMullen; 31st Church Anniversary on February 25th - POC's are Claudelhia Myers, Vera Terry, Robin McKinney, and Carla Hilliard.  THE CHURCH NEEDS ALL OF US if it is to function properly!!!  We pray that you will prayerfully consider serving on a committee. 

The Hospitality/Pastor's Aide Ministry is seeking dedicated servants to become a part of this ministry to the body of Christ.  We ask that you prayerfully consider joining them in the service of the Lord to our church!  The POC is Sis. Edna Brooks.

The Installation Service of Elder Charlie Smith, Jr. as the newly appointed pastor of United Christian Fellowship Dothan takes place on Sunday, December 17th at 2:30 PM.  Dinner will be served prior to the service, and Archbishop McComb will be the consecrator.

All members are asked to join one of the teams who is working towards getting the appliances and other supplies for the kitchen area of the additional wing to the fellowship hall.  Team captains are Sister Edna Brooks,  Mother Christine McComb, and Missionary Bonita Sanders.  A sacrificial offering of $50 is asked of each of us.


Christian Tonic:  "When God gives someone wealth and possessions, and the ability to enjoy them, to accept their lot and be happy in their toil - it is a gift of God."  (Ecclesiastes 5:19)

Riches are not forbidden, but the pride of them is.



Additional annual assessment - Scholarship fund - $25.00 (payable at any time during the year)

Monthly mission contribution - $15.00

From The Community

All address/phone number changes should be updated in a timely manner. If you have a change, please complete a form in the information room and place in the admin mail box.

All sign-up sheets/registration forms, etc. are located in the information room. All community announcements, with flyers and or more detailed information are in the information binder located in the information room.

Thank each of you in advance for praying, visiting and/or telephoning those who are incapacitated and/or bereaved and for complying with all requests.

Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. 

~King James Version~

Matthew 1:23